About Us

„Ceļu būvniecības sabiedrība „Igate”” Ltd (IGATE) is a Latvian capital company founded in 1991 and located in Jelgava – the heart of Zemgale region.

During our existence we have experienced extensive, complicated, and dynamic evolution and today we are one of the leading road construction enterprises in the country. Our key to success is qualified labor force, certified and conversant construction managers in roadway, building, water supply, and sewerage construction as well as strict adherence to the projects’ due dates. That is why our clients are municipal and state enterprises, as well as legal and private persons.

IGATE’s core business is road, street, square, and forest road construction. In order to ensure the highest quality, we have formed and expanded pavement, bitumen, and aggregates production units, which provide additional jobs and contribute to the growth of the city and the region.
In the last two years we have modernized pavement and aggregates production units and upgraded road construction machinery fleet. In 2012 extensive investments were made into the new asphalt plant as well as in the bitumen terminal modernization with electrical and thermal oil heated tanks.  Aside from road construction, we have explored other construction areas – we own a glulam structure manufacturing company ZAZA TIMBER Production.

Developing the range of services and quality, as well as promoting cooperation principles in our industry, we offer our pavement, aggregates, asphalt, and bitumen to other cooperation partners in road construction.

IGATE – pride for the accomplished!