Asphalt testing

IGATE Ltd asphalt plant laboratory perfoms testing in-house as well as, according to the customers’wishes, performs sample taking and necessary testing in the field.
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Asphalt testing (bituminous mixtures)

1. Preparation of samples for testing LVS EN 12697-28
2. Specimen preparation by impact compactor LVS EN 12697-30
3. Determination of the dimensions of specimen LVS EN 12697-29
4. Determination of bitumen content LVS EN 12697-1
5. Determination of particle size distribution LVS EN 12697-2
6. Determination of the maximum density LVS EN 12697-5
7. Determination of bulk density of bituminous specimens LVS EN 12697-6
8. Determination of void characteristics of specimens LVS EN 12697-8
9. Determination of the water sensitivity LVS EN 12697-12
10. Temperature measurement LVS EN 12697-13
11. Determination of drainage LVS EN 12697-18
12. Marshall test LVS EN 12697-34
13. Laboratory mixing LVS EN 12697-35